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Made for Floriade

Sometimes the simple things in life really are the best.

Imagine; no batteries, no screen, no problems.

Using one of our pins to make home-made ravioli is just so simple, as you will discover.

The Kitchen page is the next step where we have several styles to pick from.

Do you know what your wooden kitchen tool is coated with? Can you trust it?

This is our latest article on a pretty important subject. All of our kitchen products (except endgrain boards) as well as our bowls, platters, and floor vases are finished with Tung oil. We thought you might want to know why.


Do you have a woodworker in your life?

Have they run out of ideas in the workshop; do you have enough candle-holders and bowls, and would you like a ravioli Pin?

Maybe a set of plans of a tried and tested design might be just the perfect gift idea. Our instructions and plans are for the very same Ravioli pins we make and offer to eveyone; priced at just $15

Why would we do this? Well, in this age of social distancing we can’t be there to show you the pins up close and personal….and we like you.laughing