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Below you will find all articles we have written and published on subjects and topics related to Woodwork, Selling woodwork at Markets, Dislay problems, and much more. Browse the posts to find something that may help you in your endeavours.

Beeswax block

Using beeswax on wood – does it last?

Using beeswax on wooden products generates feelings of sustainable living, doing no harm, and being mindful of our footprint on this earth…. But is using beeswax the right thing to use as a polish?

Our layout in a smaller country market.

Does Woodwork Really Sell?

When it comes to selling woodwork items there are basics that need to be addressed before the first product is placed on the display table. In this article we hope to help the beginner avoid some simple mistakes we have made along the path to success.


A round carbide insert attached to a DIY wood lathe

How long do carbide inserts last, and are they better?

Carbide inserts are one of the standout performers of disruptive technology in woodwork and they have come a long way in the last few years in terms of taking territory from the long established world of HSS tools.

Handmade Wire jewelry tree that displays jewelry on windy days at market

How To Display Jewelry On Windy Days.

Having a strong gusty wind blow over your display and toss your carefully-made Jewelry unceremoniously onto the ground is just plain heartbreaking; and having product that is now broken, scratched, or stepped on is not only upsetting, it is time and dollar expensive.

The large Faceplate with no tailstock support.

Wood Lathe Faceplate Turning – a users guide.

This article is directed at anyone who uses wood lathe faceplates or is venturing into this method of wood turning and the article is primarily based around safety. This subject is very relevant to myself because of the projects and sizes I now find myself drawn to, as you will see.

Inside of a wooden breakfast bowl.

Is Tung Oil Foodsafe?

When we started making our range of wooden kitchen utensils we spent a lot of time researching what would be the safest coating to use.

Our research had several angles to consider both from a business sense as well as for safety.

learn to converse

How To Sell Handmade Products At Markets.

We’re not shy to say we know our craft, and we are happy to share what we have learned with newcomers in particular. The information below is what we have used to create a small business that began in the small farmers markets of the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland. We have progressed from these small country markets to now being a part of curated handmade markets in our Nations Capital.

Mixed glue collection for segmented turning

What is the Best Glue For Segmented Turning?

While selling our products at many markets we have been asked often about the glue we use and the process of segmented turning. We can’t be with you to explain our process so we have decided to share it online for all. This article is just about glue selection.

packing area at portable office spot

What can I cover with tung oil?

With tung oil having such a long history and record of use the question is quite broad and too large for a simple answer, so to start off we should break this down to a few categories first.

Epoxy resins can be used as glue when fillers are mixed in with it to form a paste.

Is Epoxy Glue Good For Wood


The short answer is Yes, epoxy glue is good for wood. It’s actually great. But.

The long answer is it really does come under the category of “it depends”.

Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Handcrafted Hardwood Cooking Utensils - why use them?

This article explains why we like and use them.

Endgrain cutting boards for the serious cook and home chef.

End Grain Cutting Boards - our range and styles.

End grain boards have been around for centuries in the form of chopping blocks. They are making their way into the stylish kitchen where they can take pride of place.

All articles are written by the owner/operators of Pickers Ridge Hardwood Designs with the intent of sharing their experience, techniques and skills collected from over 30 years in construction and 25 years of woodturning. They have sold their in-house designed and made Woodwork and Steam Bent handcrafts at over 170 face-to-face markets.