Something Special

Rim detail on lychee platter


Over time we find ourselves being drawn to the ancient styles and profiles of pottery found in our collective past and this platter is an example of what could loosly be termed “Grecian”.


As we turned this piece, we thought this platter was begging to be something special. Were we successful? You can decide for yourself. The end result almost matched the colours of a terracotta piece you would see in a private collection or museum.


We took the time to design and burn a stipled dot pattern into the rim using a pyrography iron. This pattern is something that we think elevates this piece to a completely different level and we are not alone it seems, as this piece has recently sold and the new owner was cuddling the platter intensely as she decided to claim ownership. This platter is definitely off to a good home.

Rim detail almost finished

The image above shows the rim detail almost complete and it is a long way around when it is travelled one dot at a time. This is also what the boss calls working hard.

Below is the finished piece…….and we are extremely proud of this one.

One of our best. Now Sold.

Embellished platter in lychee