As promised, here is an update on the process of creating a center piece . This is the first center piece from that large lump of lychee stump we cut up.

This is what is called a natural edged piece, and it is a wonderful way of presenting a piece in as close to a natural way as possible while revealing the grain patterns and color of the timber.

The finish is one we have borrowed from historical methods used throughout human history. We use pure tung oil, thinned to a small degree with distilled citrus oils, or what some will recognise as de-limonene. We apply several coats of this mix over several weeks to allow hardening of each coat before applying the next. This is then sanded with 800 grit to take away any fluff or lint that has attached itself during the drying stage.

The image above shows the underside of the piece with wax applied. This is applied after the tung oil has cured completely and the surface has been sanded lightly then any dust wiped away.

You can see the base and underside clearly here. The colors have really come out for us to enjoy, and as this piece was cut from a fork, or where a large limb came off the main trunk, we have been able to expose the fantstic grain patterns of the pressure areas that these areas of a tree often hold.

This is the first of these center pieces. We think there are another 5 that are close to being dry enough to finish off.

As these are completed, we will post info on our new facebook pageĀ  as well as post details here on the website.