End Grain Cutting Boards – our range.

End Grain cutting boards have been around for centuries in the form of chopping blocks so the product is not a new idea.

What is so good about them?



  • They help maintain a sharp edge on a knife.

  • They last for decades and possibly centuries if cared for correctly.

  • The are wonderful to look at.

  • They are a natural product.

  • They are sustainable.

  • They are waterproof and food safe if cared for correctly.

Endgrain cutting boards for the serious cook and home chef.

The end grain cutting board is made up pieces of wood where the grain orientation is verticle. It is similar to a collection of wooden straws placed side by side with the open ends pointing up. This is the reason the boards are so good  with helping keep knives sharp. The ends of the grain part slightly when you pass over them with the knife as you cut, and if the board is cared for appropriately the grain ends close back together after the cut and don’t damage the board at all. There will be slight scratches that will remain, but these can be taken care of as you will see below.

Endgrain board

The image here is of a board we have made using New Guinea Rosewood with Queensland Walnut feature strips.

The ability to create patterns is one of the wonderful things about these boards from a woodworkers perspective.

The woodworkers pattern can be as intricate or as plain as the mood invites and it really only depends on the wood species available at the time and the imagination.

We often receive comments that our boards are too pretty to use a knife on, but we comment back that with correct care the pattern never goes away. They are cutting boards that are made to be used and to last they actually require use and maintenance.


The thing with end grain cutting boards is the care required to maintain them at their best. Correct maintenance is a simple thing to do and if followed correctly you will have a board that will become a family heirloom. The reason the comment “if followed correctly” is stated is because of the same reason the end grain cutting board is so good with knife sharpness. It is the grains end that is the reason. If maintained correctly, the grains ends are always moist with an oil/beeswax blend that repels water and bacteria while keeping the wood fibres pliable and safe.

If allowed to dry out from the oil/beeswax blend the grains ends are then open to water intrusion and that will potentially warp the board and in a bad case could actually crack and destroy the integrity of the board. When you maintain the board with the board conditioner you will find that the majority of the lines and scratches left from the knife actually disappear. This is the grain ends becoming pliable again and moving back to their original position. It is a form of self-healing.

Board conditioner


To make this maintenance simple and easy we have made our own blend of food-grade mineral oil and pure filtered beeswax that we use to treat the boards before shipping.

Each board comes with a small tin of this blend that will enable you to take proper care of your investment easily. We also have a downloadable PDF on correct board care for you to have. Just click the button below.


These boards are not cheap, and are nothing like the standard side grained cutting boards commonly found at markets and supermarket shelves. These end grain cutting boards should be considered an investment in the kitchen that can give back as much as they initially cost in visual appreciation value.

Endgrain cutting board

The board here is one that was made using  several species of wood including Raintree, Jacaranda, New Guinea Rosewood, and Pink Almond Ash.

There really is no limit to the colors and patterns that can be created.

You will notice the rubber feet under the end grain board. These are fitted to provide grip on the bench top as well as to keep a reasonable space under the board so water cannot wick up into the board unknowingly. This has been the downfall of many end grain boards so to put a stop to this, we fit these feet to every board we make.

It is not an option, they come with the board. We want your board to last forever and are happy to sell just the one board to any one customer.

It is the way things used to be, and it’s they way we want our side of things to be.