Below is the current selection of available platters that we have created. We offer ‘unique’ platters to the public, and thoroughly enjoy the challenges that come with creating wild pieces. We specialize in larger pieces and we pay particular attention to the grain and designs that the piece of wood is suggesting for us to highlight. This style has been well accepted so far and our pieces have sold to  international clients.

Bloodwood Platter


This platter is an interesting one. We turned in out of a tree fork where a smaller limb grew out of the main trunk. The location of this limb and the pressure it creates on the trunk when growing causes zones of intense figuring in the wood grain. This figuring is visible in the darker line of swirl shown in the image.

The wood is a eucalypt. It is hard, dense, and attractive.

The length is 465mm long, 382mm at the widest, it stands 90mm high at the ends, and weighs 3.05 Kgs.

Platters in bloodwood are lovely

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Cairns Hickory Platter


A platter handcrafted from this timber is a rare thing indeed. The tree grows in a small zone in far North Queensland, Australia. We came across the slab that this platter was created from in a shed outside of Mossman, FNQ, and it was marked to be burnt if we didn’t buy it. It was a heavy slice from the side of the trunk and consequently would have been discarded as scrap when milled for the reason there was little construction value in the bark edged lump. Because of our ability to turn ‘wild’ pieces, we happily took the slab and this is what we managed to find within it.

The platter is 590mm long, 380mm wide, and sits relatively shallow on the table at 85mm high at the ends. It weighs in at 2.9 Kgs. We have retained the raw timber edge that is exposed when the bark is removed, and that is around the complete circumference. The splashes of darker color around the perimeter are spalting. Here is more info on what that actually

Platters in Cairns hickory are extremely rare

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