Black Bean special


We are always on the look out for different species of timber to play with. About 12 months ago we came across someone who had a pack of Black Bean for sale, so we made inquiries and met this bloke. It turned out that this timber originated from Hopevale, north of Cooktown. It was waste from a veneer logging contract about 15-18 years ago. This bloke salvaged the waste, milled it into useful sizes and stored it…until we came along. Black bean steam bends with difficulty at times, and gives off a smell a bit like “wet dog” (when being steamed)….if you know what that smells like.

A quick note here: There is no smell at all now, just a lovely brown polished cooler. Bottles fit nicely, cans can be a firm fit but will be no problem. A push on the base pops the can out.

45 in stock