Rolling Pins

Tapered french rolling pins are a must have tool for people who know their pastries, and our Ravioli pins are tools for the creative cook. We have a selection of both listed below, with more on the way.

Tapered French Rolling Pins are very useful

Tapered French Rolling Pin in Wattle

This Tapered French pin is turned from wattle, a local acacia species. First of all, it is heavier than a standard pin, made for those of you who prefer to let the pin do some of the pushing. It is sealed with pure tung oil, a hard wearing natural finish that can take washing in the sink easily. As with all timber products we craft and sell…no dishwashers please.

 Rolling pins include ravioli pins

Ravioli Pin Small

This is the smallest Ravioli pin we make. Designed to work with the pastry width that is produced when using one of the small bench top pastry machines that Marcato make or similar. They are ideal for a small family, or as a gift to someone who above all loves to cook.

Rolling pins can also be ravioli pins that we make

Ravioli Pin Medium

We make the medium Ravioli pin to work with the pastry you have just rolled out yourself or similarly the pastry sheets you can buy at the store. Every full rotation of the pin will produce 32 ravioli pieces. It is ideal for a medium family, or as a gift to someone who certainly loves to cook for a group or a foodies party.