A single piece of Australian hardwood, steam bent to form a frame, then filled with resin, and finally polished and hung on our own Argentium Silver earhooks. These earrings are our latest design, and are possibly our best collaborative design work to date.


Every time we have an idea, we have a bit of a talk and think about it over coffee with paper and pen. We do our best to describe the idea to the other person with drawings and descriptions, and if we both like the idea, we sleep on it for a week or two…sometimes longer……before a trial is attempted. During this period, we will start a search of the internet to see if this new idea is actually someones old idea, and if this is the case, the concept is dropped or significantly changed to make it our own.

┬áSo, following this process we are very proud of our latest design. We call them resin windows, and are still thinking about that name…not sure yet. We steam bend timber a lot here, and still search for new ideas on how to use this incredible process in our work.

With this design we have steam-bent a single piece of timber to form the frame, and then filled the frame with a variety of coloured resins that we then polish. The effect is stunning and unique.


We have two sizes available.

The image above shows the two sizes in some detail. As the tags show, the Timber species are named for a nice touch. It is the type of wood used in that earring’s frame. Within each size there are variations in the drop length so there will be a size that should suit everyone.

Floor Vase blank mounted on a lathe

Colour range is constantly changing.

This image above shows a sample of the available colours we use. We do have a very large disclaimer attached to these earrings though. As each set is just one of three, possible four, from one batch of resin and colour blend….we cannot duplicate any of them to any real accuracy. We think it is a benefit for the customer, as every set is completely unique and impossible to match or duplicate.

Floor Vase being clamped together

Colour blending.

When we do a resin pour, we have a system in place where the colours are roughly selected…..guidelines really……and set out to match the timber frame colours. On occasion we end up with this effect in the above image.


You will find them and us at the Port Douglas markets each sunday, and every month at Yungaburra and Mareeba markets.